Why should I choose Faith Wireless?

If you are Kingdom-minded, like we are, then you can appreciate that our mission is to help churches. We give 10% of every cell phone payment directly to the church of your choice. To learn more about our important purpose, please visit Our Mission.

How do the donations work?

We are passionate about helping your church. Every time you make a cell phone payment, Faith Wireless donates 10% directly to your church. We send out donations on a monthly basis to churches and consolidate the total amount between every subscriber that has nominated that particular church. We also supply a report, on demand, for the church organization that will indicate a breakdown of the donations. During registration, we will ask you for the information on your church so that we know where to send the donation. You only need to know their name, city, and state. We will do the rest!

Does Faith Wireless have coverage in my area?

We use the same 4G LTE networks as the big carriers. Visit our Coverage page to view a high-level coverage map. We are also available by chat (bottom right chat icon) or phone call at 855-DONATE4 (855-448-4644). We will be happy to confirm coverage in your area.

Can I keep my phone number?

Of course! We know how important your number is to you. During activation, you will be given the option to port your existing number to Faith Wireless.

What kind of phones do you offer?

With Faith Wireless, you may be able to use your existing phone. In order to confirm that your phone is eligible, please check here. We also offer phones through our partner Quality One. Quality One only sells brand new phones, and they even offer monthly financing for most devices.

I have a family share plan now. Do you offer share plans?

At this time, we do not offer family share plans. Most of our customers find it much easier (and cheaper!) to have individual plans. If your family is anything like my family, some people use very little data while others may be heavy data users. We have plans that fit everyone…starting at just $20 per month. Don’t worry! You can still manage every line under one account.

Does Faith Wireless pay my early termination fee (ETF) to my previous carrier?

Faith Wireless does not pay your ETF at this time. However, most of our customers save by switching, so it can end up being a wash. More importantly, you will have the peace of mind knowing that part of your monthly bill is going directly to help your church.

I’m not sure how much data I currently use. Which plan is right for me?

You may be able to contact your existing carrier or view your usage on your carrier’s website in order to determine your data needs. If you aren’t sure, we recommend starting at our most popular plan, the Righteous Plan, that includes unlimited talk/text and 3 GB of data. You can easily monitor your usage using your online account. If your needs change (up or down), you can always contact Faith Wireless to change your plan.

What happens if I use all of my monthly data allowance?

If you reach your data limit for the month, you can add data as an add-on. We offer increments of 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB in case you need it. If you find that your data needs have permanently changed, you can give us a call at 855-DONATE4 (855-448-4644) to change your plan.

Can I call anywhere outside the United States?

At this time, we do not offer international calling. With so many apps available for reaching people around the world (Facetime, Skype, etc), our customers find it easier (and cheaper!) to connect that way!

Do I have to start a contract with Faith Wireless?

We believe that our purpose to help your church is reason enough to stay with Faith Wireless. We never lock you into a contract. We are confident that you will be very pleased with our service!

Can I purchase Faith Wireless service in stores?

In order to keep costs low (and pass those savings to you!), we currently offer our service on our website only. If this changes, we will make an announcement to our current and potential customers.

I’m ready to order service. How do I do that?

Great! First, you will need to decide if you’d like to use your existing phone or purchase a new phone from us. Next, you will need to purchase a Faith Wireless SIM card for your phone. You will be asked to register an account during checkout. Remember your username and password, please! In just a couple of days, you will receive the SIM card and detailed instructions on how to activate your phone. Finally, you will come back to our website (use your username and password) and choose a plan & pay for the monthly service. The donations to your church will start right away!

I ordered a phone through your partner, Quality One. How do I track my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email from Quality One shortly after you place your phone order. You will then receive a follow up email, with tracking information, when your phone is shipped. If you have any questions on the status of your order, please email Quality One at FaithwirelessSales@q1w.net.

When do I pay my cell phone bill?

You will pay for your first month of service when you set up account. After that, you will be automatically billed every month for your service. If you run out of data, we have options to add more data to your service. If you’d like to change your plan please give us a call at 855-DONATE4 (855-448-4644).

What if I still have questions?

Please use the chat icon on this page, or give us a call at 855-DONATE4 (855-448-4644)! We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!